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Website Design

The internet has become more and more crucial to your businesses success. The first port of call for many people when searching for a business or service is the Internet and in the majority of cases the Google search engine.

Having an aesthetically pleasing website is a minimum requirement, but more crucially your website design should be utilised as a business tool to drive visitors via a pre defined and well thought through flow to either present or sell your business or product to the extent of a physical order for your goods or services.

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Search Engine Optimisation | SEO

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is commonly referred to is the art of designing and coding a web site to be relevant for pre defined "search terms" or "keywords".

There are untold companies that charge from one off fees to expensive monthly amounts that amount to £1000's annually. There are some very good, ethical companies that really can help your business move up the natural search positions.

Unfortunately there are more cowboy companies that charge up-front fees and then do little more than keyword stuff some <h1> tag text at the top and bottom of your page and hope for the best…

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Promotion & Marketing Solutions

Promotion and Marketing for your business if done correctly will lead to growth and profits. The sole aim of any business marketing must be to guide a prospective lead through a predicted process to finish with the result your business desires.

It is important to ensure your efforts highlight and distinguish your product or service from similar or competitive brands. All aspects must also be accountable both in time and monetary values for your business so your efforts can be tracked and return on investment (ROI) monitored…

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Brand Strategies & Communication

To compliment any business promotion & marketing solution there should be a strong, clearly defined brand strategy with an understood communication goal.

Why shout to a room of people not interested when whispering the correct words to the right people at the right time is all that is needed?

Define your brand, develop a strategy - communicate it clearly and effectively to your target market(s)

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Online Strategies

As part of any brand strategy an online strategy must be established separately although by all means complimentary to any print based activity. The trend is for more and more customers to use the internet to source products and companies so a clearly defined short and long term plan is advisable.

Natural positioning can be a timely process where as pay per click advertising or viral marketing can yield much quicker short term results albeit at increased cost and high maintenance.

Degal can plan and implement an online strategy for all web based marketing

Specialist Nightclub Industry Promotion

As an established Dj and Nightclub Promoter Steve De Gal can support your nightclub business with valid insights and fresh promotional ideas and events to drive your club brand forward in what is currently a very tough commercial environment.

Click here for how Degal can help your nightclub from DJ's, Themed Nights, Club Tours or something unique…

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